Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy:
The Root of Inherent Healing

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST, or Biodynamics) is the leading-edge in the evolution of craniosacral therapy. Deeply rooted in the origins of craniosacral healing from the Osteopathic tradition, BCST reaches forward into the forefront of energy medicine, as a healing pathway rooted in a clear relationship to the animating life force of the body.

Scott’s way of teaching Biodynamics goes back to the beginning. Through his 30 years of practice and teaching, his study of the original writings of Drs William Sutherland and Rollin Becker, and his 11 years of mentorship with Franklyn Sills, he gives his students an incredibly clear, grounded, and disciplined foundation in exactly how to work with the body’s inherent capacity to heal. As healers, we’ve all heard “the body heals itself.” In Scott’s classes, you learn how that happens, and how, as practitioner, you are a catalytic participant in the process.

Scott teaches the fundamentals of Biodynamics the way the founders described it, which recognizes that the very essence of life breathes in us in a way that “ordinary humans” can perceive. When we observe the Breath of Life skillfully—without manipulation—life returns.

Biodynamics is more than a catchphrase, it is the description of the process the body uses to heal itself, observed by the early pioneers of energy medicine over the course of tens of thousands of healing sessions, and available to you, now.

The paradox of this work is that we often have to unlearn what we think we know about healing, and learn to trust in the body’s innate wisdom. Over time, Scott has found the structure of this three-year course to be an ideal container for that relearning process to become fully embodied by the practitioner.

This training is a deeply personal, hands-on experience that is both challenging and rewarding. You will learn to work intimately with the fundamentals of Biodynamics, as you discover and learn to trust in your own unique gift for healing.

We begin by building an experiential understanding of the physical structure of the body. Later seminars take you into a thorough exploration of the visceral organs. Finally you’re guided through an exploration of the biodynamic perspective of the energy body and chakra system in a way that is clear, grounded, supportive, and no-nonsense. And all along the way we are learning how Biodynamics works to resolve the energies of shock and trauma in a persons whole system.

In order to meet a wide variety of students’ learning styles and give each the one-on-one attention the work demands, Scott will be supported by a staff of teaching assistants, each of whom is a highly skilled practitioner and generous role model and mentor.

The Training Process:

Introduction Class: Embracing Curiosity

Many people begin their journey with the short, focused Introduction Class. Providing a basic grounding in the concepts of BCST, this class also provides a clear experience of the learning environment, teaching staff, and professional ground found in the full practitioner training. These classes are offered at various times in preparation for the three year foundation training.

The Foundation Training: Cultivating The Practitioner

Building on the “Core Curriculum & Competencies,” and the “Standards of Practice” put forward the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America (BCTA/NA; Scott served as a founding board member of this professional association), Scott has designed a highly-effective training methodology. Based on his 25+ years of experience as a teacher of Biodynamics, this course brings together multiple layers of theory, anatomy and practitioner experiences, slowly weaving students into professionals.

The learning format unfolds over three years in a series of 13 modules, each 4 days in length, featuring an optimized curriculum sequence coupled to a seminar format that promotes peak learning while minimizing fatigue and learning overload. The time between seminars affords the opportunity for study in contemporary texts, anatomical explorations, and practice sessions designed to reinforce the in-class learning.

Students come from a variety of healing arts disciplines, with a strong contingent of bodywork practitioners and supplemented by Acupuncturists, Psychotherapists, Nurses, and other allied practitioners. The training also welcomes dedicated individuals who seek an entrée into the healing arts that is gentle in practice, effective, and with an orientation towards life’s deeper meanings.


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Schedule of Upcoming Trainings:

Introductory Class- Santa Fe, NM

Foundation Training- Santa Fe, NM

Dates for the next training are in the planning phase, please check back! Thank you.