Biodynamic Advanced Mentoring

Biodynamic Advanced Mentoring: Nurturing Mastery

A clear, personal embodiment of the Breath of Life (BoL) as a practitioner is the deepest ground for connecting with the embodied BoL, the Health, within our clients. Biodynamic Advanced Mentoring offers a safe container for nurturing your inherent capacity as a practitioner by providing a clearly structured environment for deepening your conscious embodiment of the Breath of Life.

Your Foundation training has provided you with a tremendous platform of practice and learning which continues to grow and evolve through time. Working with your clients supports a deepening inquiry into the nature of Biodynamic practice, and reveals the potential depth and breadth for the restoration of health. Biodynamic practice also reveals the value of continuing your learning- whether as a more detailed understanding of anatomy, refining perceptual sensitivity, or through personal healing and embodiment. All three of these domains meet in the container of  Biodynamic Advanced Mentoring.

Forthcoming mentoring groups will make the extraordinary ordinary. Fresh learning designs offer current practitioners an arena in which Biodynamics will evolve from a bodywork practice to an embodied knowing of the inherent healing process. The future groups will bring forward new and refined content while simultaneously holding the ground for the personal transformation required for true mastery as a healing artist.

Biodynamic Advanced Mentoring groups are open to RCST® practitioners, and those with an equivalent educational experience. The mentoring groups will be limited in size to optimize the experience of all participants.


Intraosseous Motility of the Cranium

When: TBA

Where: Santa Fe, NM (In person only)

Cost: $750-

“Intraosseous motion is a precursor to successful interosseous motion.”

~ James Jealous, D. O.

Intraosseous Motility = The Breath Within The Bones

The Breath of Life permeates into the densest tissues of the human body, the bones. And with this permeation the bones breathe, their motility is an expression of health. As the bones of the cranium breathe, so too does our neural tube and our core membranes, even CSF breathes with the Breath of Life.

The bones of our cranium are not fully ossified at the time of our birth and take 28 years to reach completion. The bones that form out of multiple pieces, particularly the Sphenoid and Occiput, express an inherent motility that retains the early motion of their original pieces. 

Together we’ll explore the free motility of the multi-piece bones, and also learn to recognize the restrictions to health imposed by unresolved forces. Since the origin of these forces can reach back to birth, and before, profound healing can be realized in the resolution of inertia and the re-establishment of healthy intraosseous motility. Additionally, our practitioner understanding of motility within the bones refines our skills in relationship to the fluids, neural tube, and membranes within the cranium. 

This advanced group is open to RCST® practitioners, and those with an equivalent educational experience. The group will be limited to 12 participants. 


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A gateway and starting point for Biodynamic Advanced Mentoring, this group provides a common ground for practitioners from diverse training backgrounds. The learning focus is twofold:  solidifying your foundation and building new skills in practice. 

Our explorations will include:

  • The anatomy of the cranial bones at birth, and their ossification into adulthood.
  • The intraosseous motility of the cranial bones in detail.
  • The “rams horn” motility of the cerebral cortex as described by Dr. Sutherland.
  • The “cranial vertebrae” described by Charlotte Weaver, D.O.
  • The  experience of the Breath of Life breathing in and through the whole cranium.

Forthcoming Biodynamic Advanced Mentoring Topics:

  • The Biodynamic Matrix- Energy patterns that organize life.
  • Intraosseous Motility- Breathing bones in the cranium, and everywhere else.
  • Fascial Biodynamics: Exploring fascia and our structural framework.
  • Visceral Biodynamics- Thoracic and Abdominal organs.
  • Chakra Biodynamics- Working with chakra energy via biodynamic principles.
  • Other topics: Based on the needs and interests of mentoring participants.

Enrollment in these groups will be available to participants who have participated in a “gateway” seminar, including ‘The Embodied Breath of Life,’ and ‘The Tide: Health is Polyrhythmic.’



What past participants have said:

What could be better than a visit to Santa Fe, NM? A BCST advanced class with Scott Zamurut in Santa Fe. Scott is an amazing teacher. In his classes, he brings forward the wisdom of the elders in this profession, along with his own clear, precise instruction. He and his co-teacher, Teena Walker, create a safe, educational environment where students can open up to new information in an energetic field that is spacious and all embracing.

  • Mary M., Virginia.


Scott’s and Teena’s advanced mentoring group is an excellent way for experienced biodynamic practitioners to deepen and grow their skillset.

It was very obvious that they put great thought and care into the development of the curriculum for this program and that they are genuinely interested in supporting the profession to improve in quality.  My work feels deeper and very different as a result of this experience. Thank you to you both.

  • James, Washington, DC.


Scott skillfully guides students in understanding biodynamic principles as branching from the larger historical contexts of cranial osteopathy, and he can quote the founders like no other! His capacities to teach and describe anatomy, techniques, and science are beautifully balanced with his warm sense of humor, compassionate care, and energetic perceptivity.

  • Amelia, Durango, CO.